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Since the roof safeguards your home from harsh external elements, such as heavy snowstorms and blistering heat, a well-maintained roofing system can withstand all these conditions. However, emergency roofing problems are bound to occur. Leaving the roofing damage unattended can cause costly and severe issues that could impact the whole house if it’s not repaired promptly.

Your roof is an out-of-mind, out-of-sight asset that requires regular maintenance by a professional roofing company in Manchester TN to safeguard your property. The one sure way to identify common roofing problems is through the conventional way of getting a ladder and visually inspecting your roof. Or, if problems are of an emergency nature that may cause you to pay close attention-such as flapping shingles, a leak, missing curled or cracked shingles-you could be forced to incur a hefty emergency roof repair bill or worse still, a full roof replacement.

At Gilday Construction, we have compiled an informative guide for homeowners to assist them to identify the 5 most common residential roofing problems they can expect to encounter in their homes.

1. Faulty Roofing Materials

Whether shingles were broken, tiles were not installed properly or some of your materials flew off during a recent storm, once roofing materials get displaced or damaged, they can adversely affect the integrity of your roofing system and cause many problems.

Even a well-built, high-quality roof wears over time and gets damaged because of the harsh climate conditions. Some roof accessories never last as long as the shingles and require to be replaced partly through the entire lifespan of your roof. Underestimating the essence of your shingles is a common roofing mistake. While curling or damaged shingles don’t appear as an emergency, they expose your roof to weather conditions and make it more susceptible to more damage. The longer your damaged shingles go unrepaired, the more you will experience deeper residential roofing problems, like rotting sheathing.

Contact a local Manchester roofing contractor to inspect the roof and get it repaired before it can graduate to a major problem.

2. Snow and Ice Damage

After a snowstorm or downpour, stagnant water on your roof can cause mildew or mold, which impacts roofing material and causes structural damage or leaks.  If your roof has weak areas or minor penetrations, stagnant water can seep into your roof and cause a leak.  This problem is more predominant on flat roofs, though every roofing system must have proper drainage.

A professional roofer in Manchester should inspect your roof regularly to help you avoid long-term problems or leaks. To ensure that ice/snow doesn’t cause significant damage to your roof, you should schedule regular fall and spring roof inspections. This will minimize the likelihood of emergency roof repairs since you will have a clear insight into the health of your roof.

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3. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the most common issues facing homeowners today. They can be caused by various factors, which include but are not restricted to ice dams, improper ventilation, worn pipe boots, or improper installations.

When you notice water running down your walls, the cause is probably a leaking roof. Search for signs of roof leaks, such as mildew or water stains. Once you notice a leak, the best thing to do is repair it in time to reduce the damage. But, if left untreated, roof leaks can cause major structural problems and expensive damage. If you notice any signs of roof leaks, contact an emergency roof repair Manchester contractor for a comprehensive inspection.

4. Damaged or Clogged Gutters

Damaged or clogged gutters can cause leaks to occur along with the water backups and roof’s edge that may eventually seep into the eaves, where they can rot. You can prevent this challenge by having a roofing contractor install a drip edge when you replace or install your roof. You can also these issues by routinely installing gutter screens and cleaning your gutters, which can help them prevent getting blocked or damaged. If you have cleaned your gutters and still they overflow with water, make sure you inspect them for possible gutter damage such as cracks, rust, or decay.

Damaged, or otherwise damaged gutters can cause problems with water support in your residential roofing system. This will probably cause water to seep through the attics, causing decay. Clogged gutters can also mean falling granules-which is the roof’s top layer safeguarding shingles from harmful UV rays. However, if you have a new roof, some shingle granule loss is just normal and nothing to fret about. While it might appear like a harmless problem for your roof, clogged gutters can cause leaks in your roof and expensive structural damage which may call for emergency roof repair over time.

5. Poor Roof Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t notice it, but maintaining your roof is important. Ignoring routine maintenance can make minor, unnoticed issues transform into huge, costly ones. You manage to keep your car routinely maintained, why not your residential roofing system? As we have stated earlier, your roof is an out of sight accent for a home, but that doesn’t imply that it doesn’t need regular attention.

Partnering with a professional Manchester roofing contractor to schedule regular roof maintenance will not only prevent major problems from happening but will nip minor ones in the bud. The cost of regular roof inspections is way much cheaper than that of emergency roof repair services or a complete roof replacement.

Hire us for Emergency Roof Repair Services to solve all your Residential Roofing Problems Today.

At Gilday Construction, we are here to assist homeowners to maintain their residential roofing systems via proactive activities that pinpoint problems and come up with solutions. Before we do any emergency roof repairs at your home, we will first give you detailed evidence of your problems and then offer a solution based on our many years of experience in the roofing industry.

In case you need urgent help with your residential common roofing problems, please contact our team at Gilday Construction today at 931-616-9414 to learn more about our 24-hour emergency roof repair services.

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