Metal Roofing

Gilday Construction Group, LLC offers durable metal panel roofs. These panels are both durable and beautiful, making them an excellent option for any Middle Tennessee home.

Our metal roofs stand up to all types of weather year-round while also adding value with their long lasting quality.

Metal roofs provide a great return on your investment and are an excellent option for those looking to save money. Metal roofing can last for many many more years than a traditional roof – up to 70 years, depending on the type of maintenance done by its owner over time!

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Great Durability

Since metal roofing is known for its durability, it can withstand 120 mph winds and resist cracking. Metal roofs are also less prone to erosion than other materials which often makes them more resistant to impact damage.

Fire Resistant

Fire-resistant metal roofs are also not a worry with lightning strikes.

Easier to Maintain

On average, metal roofing is also easier to maintain.  This not only saves you money but it gives you back time and lowers the stress of caring for your roof.

Energy Efficient

This is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home. Metal roofing not only protects against fire and weather, it reflects radiant heat to extend energy efficiency by up to 25%!

Environmentally Friendly

A metal roof is both environmentally conscious and recyclable. Metal roofs are made of recycled materials, even 25 to 95% in some cases. and can be recycled in the future.


We offer many varieties of metal roofs. Panels come in different colors and finishes. Your home appearance and your budget are all taken into consideration.

Metal Roofing in Manchester TN
metal roofing manchester tn

Frequently Asked Metal Roofing Questions

When it comes to roofing, metal is the only material that will last your lifetime. We’ll analyze some of the most common misconceptions and answer them with facts so you can make an informed decision about what type of roof best fits your needs!

We know there are lots of misunderstandings when it comes down to choosing a new exterior for your home or business. For starters: did you know that all types roofs require maintenance over time? Not just on paper – in practice too! That’s why our team wants you to be as informed as possible.


Will a metal roof attract lightning?

A metal roof is one of the safest ways for you to protect your home from a lightning strike. Sure, metals conduct electricity and not attract it like other materials do but this makes them even more special in times when lighting strikes are unavoidable! 

Metal roofs can disperse energy through structures internally so they’re safe. That means these homes will be able to withstand an electrical storm much better with their noncombustible roofs.

Will my metal roof be noisy?

It’s common for homeowners to worry about rain making more noise in their homes. A well-insulated home with a metal roof will often be quieter than those that have a standard composite roof, even if the two are exposed to equal amounts of rainfall.

Is a metal roof easily damaged by hail?

It seems obvious that a metal roof and hail don’t match. But, in reality it turns out that this couldn’t be further from the truth! Metal is actually stronger than asphalt shingles which gives it more durability and weatherproofing granules can only provide so much protection against extreme conditions such as hailstorms but now you know better!

It is beautiful for your home.

A metal roof can have the aesthetic appeal of a traditional composition shingle while providing many benefits that outweigh it. 

Metal is durable, weather resistant and energy efficient – all qualities you want in your home’s top layer!