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Roof Repair Services

When you own a home, you may at some point have to deal with a roof repair.  At Gilday Construction, our goal is to help make that process smooth and as painless as possible for you. When you understand the construction of a roof, you’ll know that there are more than a dozen components that might eventually need repair. Our team of inspectors are experts in identifying exactly what is wrong with your roof and how to fix it in the most affordable and efficient way.

Roof leaks, in particular can be taken care of with just a few simple adjustments using caulk or flashing.  There are other times when more work is needed.  Either way, we are the go-to roofing company in Manchester, TN to help you diagnose the problem and determine the best way to fix it.

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Examples of Roof Repair

Lifted Shingles

Sometimes a storm lifts some of the asphalt shingles on your roof. Another cause can lead to nails coming up from the plywood sheath, but these are usually affordable repairs.

Nails that come lose from old roofs often need new nails because water has caused them to rust away over time so they don’t stay in place anymore – this is another common reason for needing a professional repair job.

Roof Leaks
from Cracked Shingles

When a small number of shingles on your roof start to crack, it might be time for some repairs. This can happen when the temperature changes suddenly from summer to winter in Tennessee – causing them to expand and contract until they’re bowed or cracked.


Roof repair from nail issues can occur due to weather exposure, temperature fluctuations, settling, poor installation, or extreme weather conditions. Aging, corrosion, and material expansion also contribute. Timely repair is essential to prevent further damage, emphasizing the importance of regular inspections and maintenance.


Shoddy flashing installation or faulty siding/trim installation around a chimney can lead to roof leaks. These roofing repairs typically only need a few repairs to the flashing, siding, or trim to stop the leaking. When we inspect your roof and see that there is an issue with these areas of concern then our team will make those necessary changes so you don’t have any more problems like this again!


Flashing is a very common component of the roof that creates a need for repairs. Flashing is typically used in areas where the roof meets a vertical surface (i.e. siding, brick, etc.). When flashing pulls away from these surfaces, it can create places for water to leak into the roof. Roof repairs to flashing are typically fairly affordable, but it’s very important to have a contractor that understands how to properly install flashing.
No matter what repair you may need for your residential roof, we are the best choice in Manchester, TN to help you fix the situation. To contact Gilday Construction and schedule your inspection, you can go HERE.

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