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Do you want to install a new roof on your home? Are you ready for a new standing seam metal roof to replace your outdated and worn-out roof..??

If so, it is important to know what you are obtaining out of your new metal roof installation or replacement. One of those burning questions should be about the lifespan of your new standing seam metal roof.

Since we want you to be more informed before making such a crucial decision, this post will explain everything you need to know about the standing seam metal roof and its lifespan.

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Read on to understand how long your standing seam metal roofs will last and things that impact its longevity.

How Long Does a Standing Seam Metal Roof Last?

Standing-seam metal roofs are slowly becoming popular in Manchester TN, particularly in areas that are affected by seasonal wildfires. Not only are these roofs stylish, low maintenance, and durable, but they can also last for long. They are made from huge metal panels- often aluminum or steel, but zinc and copper are also famous options-with raised ridges running vertically on areas where seams overlap.

A standing seam metal roofing system consists of panels locked together at the seamed or seams mechanically. This helps the panels to contract and expand freely when the metal cools down and heats up.

As long as you’re standing seam metal roof is installed properly and the attic adequately ventilated, then it can last for at least three decades or more. Under normal conditions, a standing seam metal roof can last up to 50 years.

How Long Does a Screw Down Panel Metal Roof Last?

Screw-down metal roofs, also known as “through-fastened” and “exposed fastener” roofing, is typically corrugated metal roof attached together with lots of exposed screws that hold them in place.

Screw-down panel metal roofs use many metal screws to fasten individual metal roof panels to a structure. It is one of the fundamental forms of metal roofing services available on the market and is especially common in unheated spaces and garages.

Screw-down metal panels don’t have the Kynar 500 rust– what type of warranty you obtain a screw-down panel metal roof system. resistant finish. Depending on what type of paint is used on the aluminum or steel panels will determine.

A screw-down panel metal roof’s longevity is the shortest of all the metal roofing installation types since the panels are not painted with the rust-resistant, industry-standard finish that offers maximum protection. The panels are fastened using washers and screws screwed through the face of your metal. If properly installed, a screw-down panel metal roof with little or no maintenance can last anywhere between 20 to 30 years.

lifespan of a Metal Roof

The lifespan of a Metal Roof: Things That Affect

Badly or faulty installed metal roofs are prone to cracks, leaks, and other factors that can reduce their longevity. Thus, you need to hire a professional roofer to ensure that you make the most out of your roofing material’s lifespan.

Now that you understand the lifespan of screw-down panel metal roofs and standing seam metal roofs. But do you know which factors affect their longevity?

The weather in your city and safeguarding the finish on the panels impact your metal roof lifespan. Keep reading to know more about the three factors that impact your metal roof’s longevity.

1. Painted Finish On the Metal Roof Panels

Your standing seam metal panels roof typically comes with a 30-year warranty on the rust-resistant finish. But what exactly is the painted finish?

All the major steel panel manufacturers utilize a patented process of applying a painted finish known as the Kynar 500 product to standing seam metal roof panels. This painted product safeguards your panels from the harsh elements and safeguards the color you select from fading.

Remember that, damaging or scratching the finish on the panels will expose the fresh steel to moisture or dew in the air, making them rust. This makes it important that your professional local roofing contractors consider all the precautions to safeguard the finish during the process of installation. To preserve your new standing seam metal roof installation, you will have to hire an experienced roofing contractor.

2. Weather Conditions On Your Metal Roof

While metal roofs stand up extremely to all other kinds of weather conditions, they can have a bearing on how a roof lasts. Every roof experiences tear and wear from the extreme weather conditions throughout its life. The amount of extreme weather conditions in your region determines how fast that tear and wear impacts your newly installed standing seam metal roof.

If you reside in an area that gets lots of hail and snow, the finish and integrity on your metal roof panels will weaken quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about hot weather in your region because of standing seam metal panels’ expansion capabilities.

Since you have no control over the weather conditions. Just know that your local weather will affect the longevity of your metal roof.

3. Annual Maintenance for Your Metal Roof

Even with a correctly installed roof, it’s crucial to have an annual maintenance inspection regardless of what type of roof you have.

Once a standing seam metal roof is properly installed, generally, little or no maintenance is needed except at penetrations like gas pipes, vent pipes, etc. Although the roof doesn’t need much maintenance, you must have it checked yearly to safeguard your investment.

Getting regular roof maintenance increases the lifespan of your roof, catches potential problems, and ensures that it remains in great shape for many years to come.

Whether it’s time to install or replace your standing seam metal roof in Manchester TN, our professionals at Gilday Construction will make the process enjoyable and successful. Contact us for a free quote today.

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