Hardie Siding

Gilday Construction Group, LLC is proud to be an authorized distributor of Hardie siding to the homes in Manchester and Middle TN.

When you’re looking to improve the look and durability of your home, it can be difficult to find a type of siding that suits both criteria. There are many options on the market: vinyl, wood or brick—but there is one option in particular which holds up better than all others (and yet still looks great!). Cement board siding made from Hardie Board® has long been known as America’s best-selling brand for its weather resistance and beauty! Find out why cement board is such a popular choice among homeowners across our country with these benefits:

James Hardie fiber cement siding
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1. Durability

When you need something to stand up against the elements, Hardie siding is your answer. Fiber cement and James Harding are strong enough to withstand high humidity or freezing conditions without worry of rot or insects attacking. You won’t have issues with warping, shrinking, cracking this durable material that will last for decades! The feeling of security in knowing no matter what nature throws at it hardy has got us covered can’t be matched by any other type of home siding on the market today

2. Performance

Vinyl and wood can be destroyed in a fire, but James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is resistant to it. It doesn’t catch fire when exposed to flames or contribute fuel for the blaze. In fact, its fire-retardant properties can help you qualify for insurance discounts if your home uses this material!

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

3. Design

You’ve got to love the durability and timeless beauty of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. This siding offers an iconic design that will last while still adding a beautiful aesthetic touch, no matter your look! With textures, profiles, sizes, and colors for every need or style preference – it’s easy to find something perfect for you with this incredible product line by one of America’s top-selling exterior home products brands!

4. Colors

The James Hardie siding color options are almost limitless. Available in a variety of colors, these products come primed and are ready for paint or pre-colored with ColorPlus Technology for that bold statement you want right from the start.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
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5. The Recognized Leader

The appearance and performance of James Hardie siding products have made them the number one choice for homeowners. Hardie is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, as a result of rigorous testing to ensure quality.

James Hardie is a green builder that provides high-quality products at an affordable price. James Hardie has been recognized by various organizations and publications as one of the best builders in their field due to rigorous evaluations, testing and ensuring homeowners are given quality long lasting products.

Hardie siding is always our go-to option when it comes to exterior home improvements. But if you are looking for a new and fresh look from your old garage, Hardie might not be the best choice—unless of course, you have an experienced professional install it! When Gilday Construction Group, LLC installs hardy cement siding in Tennessee homes like yours this season we make sure that installation is done with care. We only use quality products so they last through any weather conditions.