Hardie Siding

Gilday Construction is proud to be an authorized distributor of Hardie siding to the homes in Middle TN.  

Your home depends on it’s siding for protection from the outside weather. When choosing siding for your home, you want it to not only improve your home’s appearance, but also last a long time.  Vinyl, wood, or brick are decent choices, but there is one that is superior to them all: fiber cement siding made of Hardie board. It’s the choice of home owners across the country. They choose cement siding for these reasons:

new hardie siding for gilday construction in Manchester tn

1. Durability

Fiber cement siding is five times thicker than vinyl siding. It won’t crack, warp or shrink. You don’t have to worry about rot or insects with James Harding siding. It is rot and insect resistant.  This saves homeowners time and money on maintenance. Strong winds, hailstorms, high humidity, and freezing conditions can cause damage to most siding, but Hardie siding stands up to the elements.

2. Performance

Vinyl will melt and wood will quickly be consumed in a fire, but James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is resistant to fire.  It doesn’t ignite when exposed to direct flames, nor will it contribute to the fuel of fire.  Its non-combustible properties can even allow discounts from some insurance companies on coverage if homes use Hardie board.

3. Design

You don’t want the siding on your home to only be durability and endure the outside elements, you also want it to look good! James Hardie Fiber Cement siding comes in a variety of textures, profiles, widths, and colors.  It’s unique and iconic appearance is distinctive with a style all its own.

4. Colors

The color options of James Hardie siding are practically endless. All their siding products come primed and ready to be painted. If you want color on your siding upon installation, you have pre-colored options with ColorPlus Technology.  These colors are baked on, not just painted.

5. The Recognized Leader

“Over 8 million homes across North America include James Hardie products. They are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This accolade is the result of rigorous evaluation and testing of their products to ensure quality and trust that they meet their  specifications.  The appearance and performance of this durable material have made it the number one siding choice for homeowners and remodeling contractors for decades.

James Hardie continues to improve its products through rigorous evaluations and testing to ensure that homeowners are provided with a high-quality long-lasting product. They have also been recognized by other organizations and publications as a green builder, providing high-quality products at a great value.”

Although Hardie siding offers many benefits and unquestionable quality, we don’t recommend that you try to install it yourself.  If you work with an authorized distributor like Gilday Construction Group based in Manchester, TN, you benefit from our experience and training to ensure that it is installed professionally and correctly.  When we install your Hardie Cement siding it will last for many years and the warranty will be in effect in case you ever need to use it.