Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have become famous in recent years, especially in homes and with good reasons. Not only do they offer a durable and long-lasting solution to residential roofing, they are also pleasing aesthetically and can offer much-needed energy savings.

If you want to add style and color to your home, you are lucky. That is because residential metal roofs come in various colors and styles; so they can fit easily into your home’s design.

Selecting the right color for your residential metal roof panels can be one of the most difficult decisions. With so many metal roofing colors available, how do you choose the best metal roof color? We have good news for you. Based on market research and expert opinions, this post will explore the residential metal roofing colors that will trend in 2024 and beyond!

Without further ado, let us explore these five popular metal roof colors and help you make an informed decision.

1. White Will Be The Top Trending in 2024

White remains one of the most common roofing color options, especially for U.S. homeowners. This popularity is because of its high solar reflective index which makes it great for energy savings.

White metal roofs can complement various design styles, including coastal, modern and conventional. They work well with dark-colored and light houses and can add a touch of crispness and brightness to your home’s exterior. Some of the best options for white metal roofing variants include Regal White, Polar White and Arctic white.

2. Matte Black Metal Roof Color for Cold Climates

Black is versatile and can be utilized in several design styles for both commercial and residential applications. It is a timeless metal roofing color that will continue to shine in 2024 and beyond! Compared to the bright and light colors, matte black metal roofing colors offer an elegant and sophisticated touch to your home’s exterior.

A black metal roof looks both practical and stylish. This color is a perfect option for homes with windows, as it makes your interior look more open and brighter. Black also works well with brighter colors and offers a modern touch to your home’s interior design. For instance, matte black will complement your property perfectly if you have light siding installed in your home.

Black roofs generally require less maintenance than other metal roofing colors on the market, such as charcoal gray, which is next on our list of the most popular metal roof colors for 2024.

3. Charcoal Gray will Continue To Trend in 2024

As one of the dark metal roofing colors, charcoal gray can be installed on provincial or historic homes. It can replicate the color pattern of slate at a fraction of the total cost. Charcoal gray is a metal roofing color that looks perfect on various home styles because it is dramatic and dark but when the light reflects through it, it shows great contrast, dimension and contour.

Charcoal gray got its name from the black carbon residue obtained from burnt wood. It can be used to highlight your home’s warm-toned and wooden accents. This makes it blend so well with any home color. For great results, combine a charcoal gray metal roof with light-colored siding.

Blue Metal Roof Color

4. Slate Blue Convey The Feelings of Trust, Serenity & Peace

Peace and calmness are the two words that come into mind when thinking about slate metal roofing colors. Besides the emotions that slate blue color evokes, it can be a bold and unique color option that sets your Manchester property apart from others in your neighborhood.

So, if you want your property or home to complement any of these calmness or peace feelings, selecting a slate blue metal roofing color may be beneficial. It is a famous color option for people who want to create a nautical or coastal theme. Slate blue metal roofs have a high reflective index, which can assist you in reducing your energy costs in the summer months.

5. Dark Bronze Metal Roof Colors Will Dominate

Metal tones such as bronze are normally utilized in exterior and interior designs, particularly because these metal colors contrast well with other colors and elements of a space. So, including a medium or dark bronze accent on your metal roof is aesthetically pleasing and simple.

Dark bronze is a great metal roof color option because it can assist you in achieving a bold finish. Ideally, dark colors will retain more heat than lighter ones. Dark bronze metal roofing colors absorb more heat, making them a great option for cold climate regions.

** It’s Time to Pick Your Best Metal Roof Colors!

When it comes to selecting metal roof colors, there are a lot of options available. But your choice will generally depend on your preferences.

Whatever your home design or style, there will be a metal roof color that will fulfill your requirements. Luckily, our roofing experts at Gilday Construction Group can help you make an informed decision.

Partner With a Reliable Metal Roofing Contractor in Manchester TN

Selecting the metal roofing color, style and material is only half the battle. It’s also essential to work with the local professional team that offers your best metal roofing services. The Gilday Construction team has been offering and installing customized metal roofs for years, and no other roofing contractor in Manchester & Middle TN comes more highly recommended than us.

Don’t rush into making your final decision immediately. If you require help with choosing the best match for your property, contact your roofing contractor for guidance. At Gilday Construction Group, we have helped many property owners color-match their metal roofs and will be ready to offer you expert advice. Our experience and knowledge imply you can rely on us to assist you in choosing the ideal metal roofing color for your home.

If you are searching for inspiration and have issues picking the right color for your metal roofing, contact our team at Gilday Construction Group. Our roofing crew knows the ins and outs of successful metal roof installation, repair and replacement. Our experienced team will walk you through all your commercial or residential metal roof color options.

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