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If revamping your outdoor space is on top of your goals this year, you may want to think of which upgrade will work best for your backyard. Maybe you want that ideal entertainment spot for your outdoor space. A fresh grand entrance, adding that welcoming and exciting feeling as you walk past the entrance of your home? Well then, a deck will be a great addition to your outdoor space. Not only will a deck add comfortable space to suit your lifestyle requirements but will also add value to your property.

There is no better way to entertain and relax in your outdoor space than on a new deck. A professionally installed and custom designed deck will add outdoor living space that you, your guests, and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Whatever its dimensions, small or expansive, wide or narrow, a deck is a perfect spot to relax and kick back outdoors. But if you don’t maximize the use of your deck, it can end up being a wasted outdoor space rather than the beautiful destination that it could be.

Still on the fence about where to begin your deck design or searching for best deck design ideas ? Here we’ll discuss the seven best deck design ideas that you can use to revamp your outdoor living space this year and beyond.

1. Deck with Pergola

While an open-air deck gives a great addition to any home, installing it with a pergola can change it into a regal retreat. Offering partial shade and structure, a pergola transforms an outdated deck into a welcoming outdoor living space. The pergola creates an elegant outdoor space without losing any natural light, and you can add climbing plants or fabric for shade. Whether you are building an outdoor dining area or lounge, a pergola provides flexibility to make your space functional whether it’s night or day, particularly if you include outdoor lighting in the equation.

2. Composite Deck

Anywhere conventional wood planking could be utilized, composite decks would outshine the natural product. Wood finishes endure approximately two years of seasonal misuse before needing significant maintenance. Without regular attention, wooden walkways and decks disintegrate in the elements. Moisture, standard use, and sunshine inflict one regular strain on the wood structure and surface. Composite decks provide answers to each weakness portrayed in the wood deck applications.

The good thing with composite deck design ideas is that they can be implemented in multiple outdoor settings. Simply put, it can function as more than a mere outdoor deck. By installing a composite deck bar from composite materials, you can create an additional seating space. Composite deck design ideas can be durable, and stylish and add lasting appeal to your outdoor space. These small deck design ideas can change small pots and large gardens where they can incorporate a greater definition alike, and composite deck could offer a lower-maintenance alternative to wood when creating this feature.

3. Small Deck with Patio

A small deck can be a great addition to your Manchester home, typically acting as a gathering place for family and friends. Even if your outdoor space is small or if you are operating on a tight budget, there are numerous ways you can add a deck to your outdoor living space design. That said, not every home comes with an expansive outdoor space, and outfitting a small deck with a patio can be challenging.

But with the right accents, lighting, and furnishing, you can transform your small deck to appear larger than its normal square footage. Use these simple, small deck design ideas for an outdoor space that appears deceptively large and comes ready for game nights, bonfires, barbecues, hang some curtains, decorate with plants, light it up and add a bit of shade.

Deck with Spiral Staircase

4. Deck with Spiral Staircase

Your outdoor space should be an extension of the warmth and style that you have created around your home. Take your small deck design with a spiral staircase. Unlike conventional stairs, a spiral stair can be built to suit your home design style while also making the most out of your outdoor space. All of Gilday’s spiral decks can be custom built to fit your outdoor space design or a particular application. A new spiral staircase is a great addition to your outdoor space and offers function and form.

5. Deck with Railing

If you are planning to make an addition to the outdoor living space of your home or planning a renovation, adding a deck with railing can easily revamp your space. From the rear to the front part of your home, this feature includes a great design element and can also assist make any outdoor space safer.

Finding the right deck with a railing can be hard. There are several different options out there, thus making the process overwhelming. But whether you opt for a modern or conventional look for your deck with railing, it is sure to be a great transformation.

6. Deck with a Fire Table

Making the most out of your outdoor space is one of the best ways to extend your home’s living space. Nothing makes a space cozier than adding a fire table. So doing this helps you to enjoy your deck into the winter months. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider a portable fire table instead. You can keep it in your backyard shed or garage during summer months or search for one that serves also as a table so that it is functional all year long.

7. Deck with Built-in Bar

Your deck is a perfect spot to relax with family, friends and entertain guests. So, if you want to mix your cocktails in style, a deck with a built-in bar may be the perfect remodeling project to undertake this summer. Here are some small deck design ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. These ideas range from a simple pallet bar, wall mounted bar, a pass-through bar and a pool bar.

Hire a Professional Deck Builder in Manchester TN

If you are planning to add a deck to your Manchester home, you should consider hiring a professional deck builder to handle your project. Installing a deck is not an easy job and not one that you should take lightly. A professional deck builder will help you save time, and money and ensure your project is done right for the first time.

If you are searching for a reputable deck builder in Manchester TN, contact us or Call us at 931-616-9414 and we will send a specialist to build a great deck for your home today.

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