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Gilday Construction Group, LLC is the roofer in Manchester, TN with the experience, dependability, and expertise to repair or replace your residential roof.  We also offer other amazing services such as window replacements and replacing the siding on your home.  

We’re a locally owned company who focuses on doing things the right way.  Mark and Brian Gilday’s reputation and years of experience in the community speak to the passion that they have to help you protect the most valuable asset.

Our goal when we work for you is to build a solid and dependable roof that enriches the look of your house, protects it from all kinds of weather.

Protecting your home is a big responsibility. A roof system must be installed by professionals to ensure that water damage stays at bay and doesn’t get inside of the house, ruining everything you’ve ever built or loved in there. To keep this from happening, we use only high quality materials and workmanship for anything related to roofs – sheathing, underlayments, flashings…even shingles!

Our prices are affordable. We will work with you to help you get the service your home needs.

You can be sure when you choose Gilday Construction Group, LLC, you’ll be getting the best and most secure roof possible.  To learn more about what it takes for a great roof installation contact us today!

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

At Gilday Construction Group, LLC, we begin by educating home owners when they need their roof to be repaired or replaced.  It’s important to make that distinction by recognizing if you have one of these three signs taking place in your home:

The cost to repair a roof is similar to the cost of replacing a roof.

You can’t avoid the reality of roof repairs no matter what roofing system you have.  But repairs are temporary, and don’t always solve the long term problems that can occur.

The problem is that you can easily reach a place where the cost of repairing the roof exceeds the cost that it would take to replace the roof.  If it does become necessary to replace the roof, your home insurance company might be able to help cover the cost.  We’ll help you factor in the cost of repairs over the next few years versus the cost of simply replacing the roof.  Many times you might discover the replacing the roof is more cost effective.

You notice an increase in the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Energy costs go up and down throughout the year, especially in an area like Manchester and it’s crazy weather patterns. But if you begin to notice that your heating and cooling costs are regularly increasing, then it might be time to consider a roof replacement.  Sealing your doors and replacing leaky filters are a great start, but if that doesn’t help then we’d love to come out and inspect your roof.  We’ll be able to tell you if your roof might be the cause of the increased expenses. To properly seal and ventilate your home is an incredible benefit of a new roof.

Your Roof has aged to 10, 15, or 20+ years old.

If you want your roof to last, it’s important that you regularly inspect and maintain the condition of your roof. A lot can happen between 15-20 years: weather changes, shade from surrounding trees may grow too large for optimal sunlight exposure (affecting temperature), or a lack of regular maintenance could lead to deterioration in other areas not noticeable on surface inspection.

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Residential Roofing

Homeowners have a lot of worries when it comes to their home, but their roof should be one less thing on the list. As a roofing contractor in Manchester TN, we shouldn’t cause you any more worry because we do quality work and make sure that your home is safe at all times.

Our professional team will provide excellent service with an unmatched level of customer satisfaction throughout Tennessee.

Gilday Construction Group believes in providing you with only the best quality roofing services. Whether you need a routine inspection or repair, our team is always available to help. All of Gilday’s employees are trustworthy and experienced professionals who will ensure that your home remains protected from the weather for years to come!

Are you concerned that you may need a roof replacement? We’ll guide you through the process with a complete and thorough inspection. Once we diagnose the problem, we’ll either replace or repair your roof, leveraging our experience and commitment to excellence.

We’re happy to offer our roofing repairs and replacement services at Gilday Construction Group. We have the expertise needed for quality work, friendly service, and guaranteed products because your home is one of the most important assets you’ll ever own!

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Commercial Roofing

Gilday Construction Group is one of the most sought-after full-service commercial roofing contractors in Middle TN. We specialize in top quality commercial roofing services including safety measures, repairs and replacements for occupied buildings that will help you maintain your building’s aesthetic value while keeping it safe from dangerous leaks.

You need an experienced roofing contractor to protect commercial or industrial property. Gilday Construction Group provides a team of professionals who will build, repair, resurface and maintain your commercial roofs so that they are safe for all types of contents stored on them.

Commercial roofs often have unique requirements when it comes to pitch, load and energy efficiency. Thankfully we can help you meet these specifications with our professional expertise.

Gilday Construction Group provides a team of professionals who will build, repair, resurface and maintain your commercial roofs so that they are safe for all types of contents stored on them.

Roof Repair

Your roof is the first place that people see when they come to visit your home. It’s also a vital part of protecting your family from inclement weather and many other dangers, like lightning or hail storms. You can be confident that we will use only high quality materials on every roof repair so it lasts through anything mother nature throws our way!

If severe weather affects your home, it can cause damage that you might not notice right away. We can serve you by offering an inspection to check and make sure there was no damage during the storm. And if there is damage to your roof, we will work with you and your insurance company to insure that your roof is in better condition than it was in before the storm!

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

The benefits of metal roofing are worth considering. A Metal Roof is durable and long lasting, but also comes with many other perks that can outweigh the traditional composition shingle roofs as well as wood shake roofs. Not only does a metal roof provide protection from all weather conditions – it’s fire resistant too!

The investment in a new roof is a very important decision. We want to provide the highest quality service, material, and workmanship to serve you.